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  1. All persons visiting Alderneuk fishery do so at there own risk. Alderneuk fishery accepts no responsiblity for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property, howeverso caused.
  2. Fly fishing only
  3. Barbless/Crushed barbed hooks to be used at all times. Only conventional single hook flies are to be used.
  4. All Tiger, Brook & Brown Trout to be returned
  5. All Rainbow Trout over 6lbs to be returned
  6. Only 1 rod may be used at any time. No pegging of rods/reels to the bank at any time.
  7. No Boobies or Egg flies
  8. No Alcohol
  9. All litter and disgarded line to be placed in the bins provided
  10. Chidlren must be supervised by a responsible adult
  11. Wading is not permitted at any time. Anglers may only enter the water when landing or unhooking fish
  12. Any fish that is to be returned must not be taken out of the water and must be unhooked with wet hands within the landing nets provided
  13. The management reserve the right to expel or refuse admission to any person as and when they deem it necessary
  14. Anglers are expected to behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times