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Catch Report 13.04.2014

Hi folks Finished up another good day, buzzers top by a country mile, go on tug and Ross Frame, ended up with 15 fish between them, including tugs double, top rods guys, here's bryce with a new pb bow of 5lb 6oz, well done Sir. Cheers wilma and wullie.

Catch Report 12.04.2014

Hi folks Great day for the trout masters fish off, weather bit ropey early doors, wet start, then brightened up pm, windy mind, 17 anglers had 66 trout, well done junior winner Reece Hanley, 5 trout, superb, hard luck Charlie southworth, next time. Senior guy's in reverse order, 3rd with 9 fish, Dougie Inglis, 2nd with 12 fish, Graham Kennedy, class performance guy's, but go on Simon Littlejohn, superb day with 15 landed, have a great one at Grafham mate, big thanks to helpers, John Hanley, and Mister bloody, aka, Laurie Fergusson, and a huge thanks to goodies providers, Claire McVie, and Alan Butler, your munchies were well received! ! Thanks for all your support folks. Will post pictures later. Cheers folks And best fishes Wilma and wullie.

Catch Report 12.04.2014

Hi folks Here's a stunning 4lb resident bow for Joe on the wee shuttlecock cdc, and go on Danny Szulc, a real spanking 6lb 6oz tiger on the buzzer cheers folks and best fishes Wilma and wullie.

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